Portraits of a graceful soul...

A very different shoot for me today, but one that was no less fun or interesting. Sarah from The Yoga Barn based at the beautiful Rainsborough Barns in Charlton, North Oxfordshire asked me to take photographs of various yoga asanas (poses) for use on her website and social media pages.

It wasn't my usual high energy shoot in the great outdoors, but so interesting and interactive as Sarah moved gracefully from one asana to another.

We had frequent breaks for Sarah to review the images to check we had captured the essence and nature of Sarah's brief.

After the shoot I provided Sarah with the colour and black and white versions of each image, carefully edited to the style we had discussed in our pre-shoot meeting.

Not only did I have fun working in a different creative environment, I learned a lot about different yoga asanas and it was fascinating to watch an instructor in action. I believe we really captured Sarah's strength and flexibility during the shoot.

Sarah is delighted with the images. She said "I don't usually like my picture being taken, but your approach and great sense of humour really helped me to relax and enjoy the experience. You advised on the use of backgrounds and props for the shoot which I feel enhanced the finished visual."

I can’t wait to share the next blog from The Yoga Barn as it will be set in their beautiful outdoor area. You can find out more about Sarah and The Yoga Barn on Facebook, Instagram or at theyogabarnstudio.co.uk

#yoga #calm #serene #colour #mono #blackandwhite #creative #localbusiness #promotionalshoot #interactive

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